Friday, August 12, 2016

Still Vegan

In January 2013 I made the final transition, to veganism after being a vegetarian since 1993. Took me twenty years, and the first few months were difficult, but I sit here (3.5 years later) and do not have any regrets. I went vegan for many reasons, ethical and health-related the top two. My students, many of them hunters, are astounded by the fact that I do not eat bacon or drink milk. Three and a half years ago I was still drooling over the smell of melted cheese and looking longingly at people eating ice cream cones. But since then I have learned the tricks of the trade, so to speak, and have found so many yummy vegan products that I rarely miss the "real" thing. I can go almost anywhere and have a great meal, without contributing to cruelty. If I want to go all out at home, I can eat Daiya Cheezy Mac, or pizza, Amy's Veggie Loaf, in addition to the hundreds of other homemade vegan options. For dessert I am never left hanging, Guidos, a local market makes an amazing vegan chocolate cake and topped with So Delicious whipped coconut topping (and frozen desserts) my calorie count can match any omnivore's. So no, it is not difficult to stay vegan

One of the many benefits aside from a clear conscious, has been a healthier body. I feel more awake, more alive, and I have energy to participate in physical activities. My race times (running) have improved immensely. I finally, at age 42, ran a sub two hour half marathon (1:52). So yes, I am still vegan...

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